Master of the Hot Takes

That’s right ladies and gentlemen! The master of the hot takes and original member of the Rage Quit Wire, Chris Yuen is back! With all of the new titles that are being introduced into Malifaux, this has intrigued Christ enough to come on and start playing Malifaux again.

On our first YouTube Streaming event last Friday, we looked at Dashel “Butcher” title. This title is going to drag Chris back into the game! Chris has always been a “Butcher” player. He played Butcher 3 in Warmachine and he played the Butchers Guild in Guild Ball. So this title and keyword is going to definitely bring him into the game of Malifaux!

The Butcher Unleashed from Warmachine plays very similar to the new Dashel Title. Both have the ability to hit hard with lots of attacks. Both can reposition the enemy. Both put a lot of pressure on the opponent. Similar to the Butcher Unleashed, the new Dashel is going to want a crew that is going to help him kill the opponent.

Models that will help do this are models like horses! The pale rider can help heal and reposition Dashel. The mounted guard can do ride with me or I got your back to reposition the new Dashel. The Guild Steward can also help heal, end conditions and give Dashel focus. An Executioner can help Dashel bash around in the middle of the board. Finally, Dashel can also summon guard patrol to take the hit for him.

I am now doubly excited for the new titles for Malifaux. Not only is this going to bring a lot of freshness to the game, but we can hopefully get Chris Yuen to be a more frequent guest on the RQW. Chris came onto the Podcast last week and we compared the new titles to what Warmachine has. It is a really great episode that you should see on your podcatchers around 4 pm EST on 9/28/21.

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