Guild Interest

As I think some of us do from time to time, I am looking at another faction. I do this to spice things up and get some fresh games with new masters. As I was looking through some random crews and random models that I had…. I realized I had all of the guild masters except Basse. I don’t have all of the models for each keyword, but I have 70 percent of the faction.

Guild is also interesting because they scratch a snowflake itch for me. I think a lot of us like a challenge to take the “weaker” faction or keyword. However, after looking at the cards more, they definitely have a lot of power in the faction, especially with new masters coming out soon!

The three masters that I am initially drawn to in Guild are Lucius, Dashel, and Hoffman. Dashel is the master that I think has the highest ceiling. The Guard crew is interesting to me because of the different play styles you can play into with them. You can really lean on the summoning, you can bring elite models like the Pale Rider, or you can control the board. Dashel will definitely take a lot of reps to get good with.

Lucius is another master that will definitely take a lot of reps to get good with. Initially, I did not know if there were going to be a lot of models that Lucius and the elite crew could obey to great effect. However, I started noticing that the Lone Marshal, the Peacekeeper, Pale Rider, and the Executioner to name a few. Lucius is also great as a second master with most Guild Masters. This is mainly because his obey does not need a suit like the Guild Lawyers. This is also one of the Guild masters that I have experience with.

The last master that I am definitely pumped to play more is Hoffman! Big Stompy Robots! I mean come on! I played Hoffman a couple of times now and I love how he can just hang around the middle of the board and kill shit! The Peacekeeper can gain fast from Hoffman and has flurry. That means that the Peacekeeper is getting 4 to 5 attacks each activation. This is a really cool crew to play because coming from Bayou, we don’t have many masters that can sit there and fight in the middle of the board.

With the new titles, there are a lot of masters that were not getting a lot of playtime. This includes masters like Perdita, Sonia, and Lady Justice. These masters are going to get a lot of play time with their new titles. They do some interesting things that their original model did not do. Definitely an exciting time to try a new faction!

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