Tournament AAR

Whenever you put on a tournament, as a Tournament Organizer (TO) you need to reflect on how the event went and what are goals and improvements for future events. So first I will let everyone know how the event worked out!

Going into the event I had a few goals in mind, every TO should have goals right?

  • I wanted to have at least 8 people in the tournament. We had 11 people come to play. However, instead of playing I decided to run the event and give a new player a demo game. I was very happy we had 10 players considering this was during a gas shortage in the Southeast.
  • I wanted to have players play the new strategies and schemes in GG2. This was to get everyone excited about the new hotness of the new Gaining Grounds.
  • I wanted to encourage engagement. I purposefully included strats and schemes that would encourage players to engage with their opponents to score VP. If you have not noticed, I put assassinate in every pool of the tournament. I even encouraged people to select that scheme. I gave extra raffle tickets to those that got 1 or 2 VPs from that scheme! Man was this successful! I gave away an extra 20 tickets easily because of this incentive!
  • I wanted to give everyone a chance to win prizes. I didn’t care if a player went 0-3, I wanted them to have a chance to win prizes.
  • Finally, I wanted to create a positive play experience in the tournament. I had to remind a few people that this is a free tournament, with new rules, and we’re just happy to be playing live again.

After Action Review (AAR)

This is a term that we always used in the military. You would always review your goals and look at the pros, cons, and how we can improve.

We had a people from 4 or 5 different metas! Including Ga, Sc, Nc, and Fl.Tournament expectations. I could have done a better job of letting the group know how competitive or newb friendly the event was.
We had almost all the factions represented. We were only missing Explorers and ArcanistsSchedule was loosely followed. I didn’t schedule lunch times and break times. This may have made it difficult for some people to plan for food.
There was no bye! This was a decision I made bc we had a lot of people traveling from out of state. No one wants to drive 3 or 4 hours for a bye!No direct prize support for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. I know it sucks to win and not win prizes.
Everyone bought in to the prize support system. Had a lot of people doing things every round to earn tickets.Some players played on the same table more than once. This is a hard one to do with a smaller tournament, but we did our best.
Friendly environment that encouraged people to play and have fun. We even had 3 players solo a master the entire tournamentI need to brush up on some of the detailed rules of Malifaux. I felt comfortable enough as the TO, but I definitely learned a few new rules while running the event
No one brought double masters!Promote the event more. This is something I’m going to improve on and promote other events as well.

Initial GG 2 Thoughts

I’m super excited and pumped to play in tournaments in GG2! All of the games looked interesting AND GUILD won the tournament! I think this proves that if you get good with a faction or crew, you can win any game. Regardless of what the internet tells you!

Obviously we did not see explorers in this event, but I am curious to see how they fit in with the existing factions. Obviously there is some doom and gloom with English Ivan and Cadmus. However, I think some of the changes made in GG2 help mitigate some of the wonkiness that you see with those crews.

As a tournament organizer, the strats and schemes lend themselves very well to the TO. I was able to make a pool that fit my personality very well. I wanted to create a pool for this tournament that lent itself to my playstyle, aggressive, brutal, killing, playstyle!

It was also interesting to see the results of the tournament. We had Guild finish first, followed by Rezzers and Neverborn. This does not mean those are the best factions. It does show me that good players can win with different factions. The same can be said for the bottom factions, the players that finished at the bottom just need more reps and more games under their belts.

Final Thoughts

As tournaments become more common place in the United States, let the Rage Quit Wire know! We are looking to travel to events! Also, we want to promote events. We do have dozens of listeners! Why not get one or two of those listeners to join your event? Create themes for your tournaments! This theme was to kill shit and watch it die…. or watch your plan fail horribly! The theme worked! Every round people were choosing assassinate and going in hard to kill the opponents masters. This encouraged people to play aggressive and got some players out of their comfort zone.

Please share any thoughts or ideas that you have for competitive play. We’d love to hear what themes or ideas you have for running events!

3 thoughts on “Tournament AAR

  1. Thanks for the write up! A few thoughts and questions – Any idea why no Explorers? Were people avoiding them due to “bad feels” or just not having enough reps with them?
    As for the noob friendly ‘advertising’… I think this is tough as you don’t want to discourage tournament players from showing up… ideally, in a larger setting (16 players?) it might be a neat idea to have 2 heats with one being focused on new players… although then again, a new player may learn more from playing experienced players. And of course, some people are going to say “oh, I’m bad at this game, put me with the newbies” even if they aren’t new… Also tough if you end up with an odd # in each group.. but if you definitely knew you had 4 brand new players, maybe they play each other in a round robin tournament and the other 8-12 players do a standard winners vs winners based on VPs and Tournament points.
    Prize support is also tough if the meta is small or if this is the first game back… also, I think you mentioned the tournament was FREE… so … I 100% don’t expect to win prizes and get prize support in a FREE event!!! Lol.. that said, if I am dropping dollarydoos to play and then find out there isn’t any support for winners, it gets a bit weird. I do know players who ‘expect’ to win and get their dollars back… but I’m pretty much of the opinion I’m just contributing to the store making a few bucks whenever I show up for an event.
    Again, great to see some games being played, and great to see a mix of factions showing up… could you post up the masters also brought? (or is that posted on another page?). Thanks again. #ThrowsSalt

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    1. So as far as explorers go, I think that some people don’t have them yet, they don’t have the reps yet, and I think there were some cool updates people wanted to try with their faction that they are more comfortable with.

      If you look at the top gallery where you see the standings, there are three small images of the pairings/masters/and results of each round.

      Thanks as always Josh!

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  2. awesome write up. As a long time tournament organizer you are spot on with your advice and your self assessment in your after action. One of things I used to do was do a catered lunch for a few local events. By catered I mean I ordered a couple pizzas and some pop(soda) to be delivered and we ate a communal meal. its nice especially if you have a mix of locals and out of towners the out of towners don’t have to track down food, and the locals and out of towners can get to know each other. One thing I use to do was I would do paper certificates for 2nd and 3rd and 1st place i’d get a trophy from a dunn trophy catalog for like 5 or 6 bucks plus shipping. the golden horseass trophy was a favorite.


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