Should you change factions?

Jamie Perkins is a brilliant gamer and game developer for steamforged games. He destroyed people in warmachine and guild ball for years. Jamie has a really interesting Twitter account @JAMIEPERKINS. Jamie writes about gaming ideas and thoughts every week.

Last week Jamie told followers that you should stop faction hopping!

So why does Jamie tell people to stay with one faction? Jamie argues that in most games, factions are relatively well balanced. Developers are going to try and keep all factions at the same levels of power. It doesn’t matter if you play the most powerful thing because a better player will be able to beat you with a well practiced faction instead of the most powerful.

Jamie also says that there are strengths and weaknesses to all factions. We know brewers were slow, hunters were sneaky and fishermen scored goals, but does their play style fit you as a player. That is the better question.

Jamie also argues that you want as many reps with a faction as possible! This allows you to play games faster, be more confident in your decisions, have a larger set of maneuvers and plays and tech. Which will make you a better tournament player.

Jamie is right! You will be a better gamer and more skilled with your faction if you do not jump ship. You will learn to dominate people with your faction and find some great tricks to get you out of trouble. There is something cool about being the khador player, the scum player, the butcher player, the my rule player, etc.

Jamie is also wrong. People learn differently. For example I learn from playing against or playing with a faction. When you physically play with a faction, you start to figure out its strengths and weaknesses. For example I played Nekima for the first time in malifaux bc I hear she hits like a truck. I start to see that she is fast as hell, but if you can survive the alpha strike and take out the key pieces, Nekima is very beatable.

I also know that if you play in tournaments you want play the strongest stuff. This can be more common in games like warhammer 40k. Games like that, you always want to play the new power faction. This type of competitive play can be seen in games like Magic the Gathering, where it pays to play.

The best example of pay to play is power factions like Veteran Boar, Miners Guild, Shenlong, Leviticus, etc. You are literally only playing the faction bc they are powerful. This can get you wins in the shirt run. However, these factions usually get nerfed and the meta usually adjusts to the best faction.

The final reason why I faction hop…. I get bored. I cannot enjoy playing the same faction 100 times in a row. I want variety and I want to keep my games fresh. That is why I always play 2 to 3 factions in the games I play. I currently play neverborn and bayou in malifaux. I also play galactic empire and scum in xwing. This lets me keep my games fresh. I also hate playing mirror matches, so this helps me avoid that game.

There surely benefits to playing the same faction, but I find it also valuable to cast a wide net to gain more knowledge. So who should you listen to ? I mean come on man, it’s Jamie! He makes some great points and has the hardware to back it up!

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