What to do with Public Enemies

By Dixon Tiru 2/13/21

            I don’t know about you guys but after playing GG1 for almost a year I am ready for some changes!  The number one thing on the chopping block for me is Public enemies. I have abused Insignificant Crews(Rare), Replace Crews(Common in Arcanists), Elite Crews(Common) and a combination thereof. And its incredibly frustrating regardless of winning or losing. In this essay I will explore the options of Removing or Improving this strategy while also explaining some of the crazy stuff I have either seen or players have shared with me. First let’s look at Public Enemies;

The basic gist of it is, you kill an enemy model you get bounty tokens(BT) based on that model’s stone cost. Then at the end of the turn you score a VP based on bounties earned on an upward scale. The breakdown ending up as;

  1. 2 BT’s for 1st VP
  2. 3 BT’s for 2nd VP
  3. 4 BT’s for 3rd VP
  4. 5 BT’s for 4th VP

            Seems fairly straightforward. But a couple of problems come up. First problem is, you hold BT’s on the model that just killed someone and when he dies they are gone. This is actually bad because you either wait until you can kill without reprisal(Boring AF) or you bait them out to then kill that model back. When not interacting much with your opponent is your best move, that’s a problem. Secondly there’s also the “Natural Causes’ caveat where a model dies out of line of sight from Terrain or Conditions and you can’t get their VP’s. This is really bad because, if your opponent knows his model is going to die they’re just going to escape to deny points. Which is rewarding non-interaction even more. Finally models that can replace into cheaper models or insignificant models in large numbers make it near impossible to score in this mission. Because it takes too much to score the 3rd or 4th VP for the strategy or there is not enough BT’s to give around. Not even if you wipe out your opponent.

            Now let’s go over the crews, why it works, how they play and what they look like. Lets begin with an Insignificant Crew:

            So as you can see in this example, there are four “significant” models and eight Insignificant models. Now this is an extreme example and a rare archetype overall, but the general idea can be applied in list building. The way it works, you use the Insignificant models to harass, body block and deal damage without killing them outright(if you can help it). This way can be very effective when used in a gun-line sort of way as you’d have you slog through a lot of ‘plink’ damage before being finished of by Olaf or Somer. I can tell you right now that playing against it can be very upsetting if you don’t have a lot of AOE or an Alpha Strike that can bypass the front line and go straight for Somer and Olaf. It is not exactly easy to play this sort of list either, keeping up with abilities going off and the interactions that go along. So for that reason and the execution needed to play effectively, this is the rarest type of list. Next we have Replace Crews, the annoying one…UGH. Example below

            So these exploit the Demise effect of some models(IE Coryphee being replaced with a Mannequin). This is incredibly effective since most Factions don’t have a reliable way to stop Demise effects. It’s also very easy to do because you just play the game normally until the model dies and then it just happens! The reason why it’s so effective, is because you don’t score the original points when the Demise happens, and you won’t get full points either even if you kill the Mannequin. Even if you find yourself wiping them out in perfect orders and have models stacking all of the points for this crew, you still can’t score four points in the Strategy. This is because unless you have a way around Demise, you can only get 12 out of the 14 bounties necessary to max on score. If you are playing against Collette or Hinamatsu and you have the opportunity to get Anti Demise or even Anti Placing, just tech it in. You will thank me.

            Now let’s get on to Texas…I mean the Elite Crews. I will also add in another crew similar to an Elite Crew. What’s special about this crew is that it mixes in Replace Crews in a very cool way. If you’re the person who beat me with this, let me know to give you credit.

            So immediately you will notice the low model count and the number of Enforcers or high cost Minions. Sometimes these lists will have a large number of Upgrades or Soulstones to keep the model count low. Why do this you ask? I honestly don’t know anyone else’ reason, but I do it because every model in the top list is both hard to take down and is among the best in faction for their job.

The Titania crew above is actually filled with:

  1. A mix non-Armor Damage reduction, Hard to Wound and Healing(Lots of that)
  2. Hard hitting Multi Damage (Potentially dealing 5 Plink Damage with a Weak)
  3. High Damage
  4. Hazardous Terrain with Different names(Hungry Land and Riders Hazard Aura
  5. Serena Bowman

The Second Crew has;

  1. Hard Hitting Beat-sticks including Barbaros
  2. Replace effects into Low cost models that also shutdown Healing
  3. Black Blood and Entropy
  4. Self Healing
  5. Terrifying 13 Models
  6. The “Surprise Mofuggah” effect

            These are among my favorite crews to play for fun, but competitively it can get very boring. It’s very all or nothing, and most of the time you spend the entire game in the center. But the effort to kill any of those models may be too high and would probably take multiple turn when done correctly. Each of those models also has the potential to do a lot of damage. Even Bowman(the support model) can do 6 damage on a single attack by spending a Focus and Cheating in a Severe very reliably. Now the second list also has the additional bonus of “Dark Horsin’” because if you see Barbaros you don’t expect to need Ruthless. Making the duo of Desolation Engines a significant threat.

            So how do we fix this? There’s a couple of things we can change to make it better. First you could make it so that when a model dies from “natural causes” the Tokens just go to the Nearest Enemy model. We could add another line that when a model replaces, the nearest enemy model gains the tokens as if it was killed. And to make it easier to score by changing the scoring by minus 1 on each tier. I personally vote we swap it out with another Strategy like Turf War, or we make a new one that deals with a more Interactive idea. To finish I have an example of an interactive strategy below:

Font of Power

Before deployment, place a 50mm Font Strategy Marker(HT5, Blocking. Impassable) in the Center of the table. Starting with the Defender each player then places a 30mm Container Strategy Marker (HT1, Blocking. Impassable) anywhere completely within their deployment zone. Container Markers can hold  Power Tokens.

Friendly-controlled models within 1” of the Font Marker may take the Interact Action to place a Power Token on itself. At the end of the turn a model takes +1 damage for each Power Token on it. Models with Power Tokens cannot be placed.

Friendly-controlled models with 1 or more Power Tokens may spend the Token before a Duel to gain plus +2 to the final duel. If a Friendly-controlled model with one or more Power Tokens is killed or Buried, before the model is removed from the table, place that many Power Markers(30mm, ht 0, Hazardous) in base contact with itself. Friendly-controlled models within 1” of the Power Marker may take the Interact Action to place a Power Token on itself, then remove the Power Marker.

Friendly-controlled models within 1” of a friendly model with at Power Token may take the Interact Action to move 1 Power Token to a model other than the target of the action within 6” of itself.

Friendly-controlled models with 1 or more Power Tokens within 1” of the Container Marker may take the Interact Action to move 1 Power Token from itself to the Container Marker

At the end of each turn, a Crew gains 1 VP if their Container Marker has more Power Tokens than VP gained from this Strategy

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