Most Fun Malifaux Crews

Apex– The new Apex keyword in the Explorers Society are fun as hell to play with and play against. The main thing that makes this crew fun is that you honestly feel like you are on a hunting party. Trying to hunt down your Runaway totems is the best part of playing this crew. If your oponent kills your totems, Great! They will then be getting the adversary condition. If they are killed by a friendly model, you get an extra soulstone. If the runaways escape, you get to draw back up to 6 cards in your control hand AND you can drop a scheme marker anywhere on the board! It really is a fun game you get to play with your opponent of are you going to deal with these runaways? Lord Cooper also gives you the same fun that you get with Seamus in Rezzers. Cooper has a huge hunting rifle that does 3/5/7 damage!

This crew also boasts the ability to bring a Dinosaur, two blood hounds, and a robot on their hunting party! These will help you take down even the largest of prey. Do not sleep on the other hunters! The Vatagi Huntsman and they Crypsis Corps are very good shots as well. This crew is not only fun to play with, but your opponents will have fun playing against this key word as well.

Bandit– Parker and the Bandits are one of the most fun crews you can play in Malifaux. Run and Gun is one of the most fun mechanics in the game. You get to charge and shoot your guns instead of doing a melee action. This means that most of Parker’s crew have a 17 inch threat on the charge. This is very forgiving for new players. Parker is also really good at manipulating and using scheme markers. Parker’s crew can use them to draw cards, give models fast, or give himself bonuses to hit in combat.

Mad Dog is also one of the best henchmen in the game. He has a shotgun that does 3/4/5 blast damage, he can blow up markers, and he can burn enemies with his cigar! What is not to love about this crew? I don’t know…. How about playing with Johnny Cash? That’s right you get to play with an enforcer called SUE! He has a great pistol with a built in positive and he can help move your crew out of activation. Not to mention he has abilities called Walk the Line, The Man in Black, and Ring of Fire!

Augmented– This one is cool because you get to play with big stompy robots! The models in this crew are amazing. If you enjoy painting and playing any kind of robots, this crew is for your! Charles Hoffman is paralyzed earthside, but uses his connection to the machines to walk and help the Guild lay down the law! There is a ton of armor in this crew. Most of your models will have Armor +1 and Armor +2. This makes the Augmented crew great for new players as well!

This crew is very synergy based. Charles hands out power tokens to the other machines. These models can use power tokens to receive a positive or a suit to the duel. This can become extremely powerful for some of the hard hitting models like Melissa KORE, Peacekeeper, Joss and Howard Langston!

Infamous– This crew is my favorite crew in the game! Do you like Gremlins? How about Gremlins using Jet packs? How about a Silurid as the first mate? How about a Gremlin Luchador? Are you a fan of Big Trouble in Little China? Then you’ll love Burt Jebsen and Gracie in this crew! Not to mention the master Zipp drops pianos and Mancha the Luchador can hit your opponents with them! This crew is fast and unconventional! This crew boasts some of the strongest models in Bayou. This includes Zipp, the First Mate, Gracie and Mancha!

You will also find that your opponent will be laughing while they play against Zipp. I know my friends have often said “This is some silly ass shit!” While playing against Zipp. Zipp’s crew is very fast! Even the slow models can move fast! This is done by the Iron Skeeters ability to Fly with me! Finally the last thing that is fun about Zipp’s crew is that he encourages cheating. Showboating is a great ability that allows you to draw a card at the end of a model’s activation if you cheated a card. I have never gotten board while playing the Infamous Captain Zipp! and Neither will you!

Guard– Finally, the Guard from the Guild is a fun keyword. This is the summoning crew for Guild. Dashel Barker Summons other guard models, but the coolest thing he does is Shouting Orders. This allows any guard models within 6 inches to concentrate as a bonus action. The Guard keyword does not have the strongest models in the game, but they overwhelm you with models and they are stacking focus to make their attacks hit more frequently.

My two favorite models in this keyword are the Executioner and the Mounted Guardsmen. The Executioner looks like a mix of Chris Farley, Edward Scissorhands, and the Borg! This model does some serious work on the table! The Mounted Guard are great for repositioning the rest of your crew and running schemes. They have great utility actions like I’ve got your back and ride with me. This helps you manage your crew and support them! If you like playing Imperial Guard in 40k or Storm Troopers in Legion, this is the keyword for you! Strength in Numbers!

Well there you have, Pete’s 5 Most Fun Malifaux Crews! These are some crews that you will have fun playing with and your opponents will enjoy playing against. There are lots of crews that are fun to play, but these were some of the ones that stuck out to me the most! These crews also are relatively easy to play for new players. New players will enjoy playing these crews even if they are getting stomped out by a pro! Let me know which crew you think is the most fun in Malifaux in the comments!

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