HOT or NOT Games

If you are an old school gamer like Pete, there are always tabletop games that are HOT and fun to play! And…. there are games that are NOT!

What games are HOT?

Which game is HOT or NOT?
  • Malifaux! This game has been fine tuned in M3e. The crews are rebalanced and better than ever! The models are amazing as always! You won’t regret getting into this game!
  • X-Wing! This game came out of version 2.0 strong. They fixed a lot of the balancing issues and mechanics. The models are also already painted!
  • Marvel Crisis Protocol! Want a quick game with Super Heroes? This is the game for you! It’s fun and flavorful!
  • Infinity! Great update with the new edition changes! Models are always cool! You want futuristic urban warfare on a table? This is it!

What Games are NOT?

  • Warmachine…. This game is hard to play in a modern gaming world. You need to spend lots of money for a game you may never play again. The new edition and the constant rules changes make this one hard to play.
  • Guildball/Godtear… Steamforged made some bad business decisions and killed off Guildball. This business decision has all but killed Godtear as well. Great games, bad business decisions.
  • Warhammer Underworlds… A card game with fancy miniatures, Godtear is a better game!

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